About us

Cuenca Bagels has been Cuenca's source for Authentic New York Bagels since it was founded by Richard Westcott in 2012. Richard takes pride in the fact that he makes the only genuine bagel in Cuenca.

The idea to get into the bagel business came to Richard early one morning after he had been reading about food and it dawned on him that what Cuenca needed was a good bagel.

Due to Cuenca's high altitude it took a little experimentation to find the right recipe and baking time.  In the end he found the right combination of ingredients, baking time, and temperature.

Cuenca Bagels is innovative in a number of ways, from covering the top and bottom of a Sesame Seed or Everything bagel to putting onion, or garlic, or both in the dough when it is being made. The onion and garlic used are dehydrated by Cuenca Bagels. They cannot be bought in a store.  

A wide variety of Parmesan Cheese bagels and Tilsit Cheese bagels are other innovations, as are Chocolate Chunk with or without chili.  Cranberry with almond or walnuts are available as well more traditional flavors like Cinnamon Raisin and Onion.  Two new flavors are now available under the Artesanal type (you must order a kilo or more of these). The first is Cranberry/Orange and the second is Oatmeal Raisin (with or without cinnamon). That Cranberry/Orange makes a great chicken or turkey sandwich!

  You can see all of our flavors by going to the order page