We have ordered from Cuenca Bagels several times and never been disappointed with the quality of their product! Each bagel is baked to order and comes out exactly as you want. Cuenca Bagels uses top quality ingredients and a lot of care to make sure of excellence every time.

You can place orders on their website: and specify the size, flavor and the date you want to pick them up or have them delivered.

Give them a try. We bet you'll be as pleased as we are with their bagels and their service!
- WP & KP

"Simply the best in quality & variety! A great find in Cuenca and great customer service, too! LS
- Linda

Rich’s bagels are amazing. Best ones by far that I’ve had in Ecuador. All different kinds of toppings
- Kelly

I have recently discovered Cuenca Bagels and since the first order, it has become a staple in my house. I keep them ready to eat and in the freezer for company all the time.

All my Ecuadoran neighbors love to have coffee at my house because they know they are going to get one of the many varieties of bagels available thru the website.

I can say I have never been disappointed with any type I've ordered. They are definitely worth trying. I'm sure you will like them as much as I do.
- DS

Windhorse Café has had Cuenca Bagels on the menu for three years. They are very popular. I, Lucy, the owner absolutely love the chocolate chunk and chili bagel. All the varieties of bagel are scrumptious.
- Lucy

I am from New York. I am a bagelmeister. These are the only real bagels in Cuenca. I would probably die without them.
- KM

Dear Rich, We love your bagels. Keep them coming!! You were the first to make these bagels here in Cuenca several years ago and we have never stopped buying, eating and loving them.

We love those cinnamon and raisin and the garlic bagels the best.., there are so many to choose from! Rich, your Bagels are simply the best here in Cuenca Ecuador.
- JR

I first met Rich and his delicious bagels 4 years ago when he brought some samples into my coffee shop, Moca. The bagels were the best I had eaten since leaving Seattle in 2011! We sold them at Moca until we closed, and I have continued to buy them regularly ever since.

My son and I recently returned from 6 weeks in Seattle, and one of the first things I did was order 2 dozen everything bagels!! They are so much better than the ones we had while we were away, and with the first bite I knew we were home!!

Rich's bagels are the best in Cuenca without a doubt! Additionally, his customer service and follow up are beyond amazing - I wholeheartedly recommend them!!!
- Trish
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you to write a testimonial for your fabulous bagels.I have been traveling over the holidays but am finally settled in my new apartment

I must have my bagel fix on a regular basis again so would appreciate it if you could deliver me a mixed assortment of your large flavorful bagels from blueberry to everything.
- AD

We enjoyed these bagels at the Windhorse café and decided to order a dozen for a brunch we attended. Not only are they delicious, but he delivers! My favorite is the onion bagel.

We are looking forward to trying some of his other products now!
- RH

The bagels are great! Great chew, toughness, mouth feel, and flavor! I got the medium size, which is very nice. I might try a mix of those and the large size, too, next time!
- PG

Sometimes a US comfort food is just what we need. And often, a great New York style bagel fits the bill. For the best bagels in Cuenca, ask for Cuenca Bagels.
- JA

Every week my customers order dozens of Cuenca Bagels made by Rich Westcott, Everyone has commented how they are the real thing - chewy with a light crust and the flavors really POP because Rich doesn't use just a pinch (like so many food vendors) but slathers each bagel in sesame seeds, poppy seeds, roasted garlic, roasted onions, etc! Honestly, they are DA BEST!
- Gina

Well Rich when I lived in the U.S. we bought bagels all the time. When we moved to Cuenca, we bought store bought bagels, which were not good. We discovered your company and now are very much liking eating bagels on a regular basis from Cuenca Bagels. They are always fresh and very good tasting.

Thank you Rich for making very good Bagels.
- JG

These are a “must try!” Seldom do you get a taste of home that can compare! They are the best I have found. Keep up the good work Rich.
- Gary